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Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca is a 2009 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. She started her career in the dental lab industry with a temporary customer service job at a large lab in upstate New York. That temp job led to a full-time career not only working with, but also opening various labs over the next decade.

Rebecca has experience in every aspect of running a dental lab and has worked on the technician side as well. She is experienced with CAD/CAM design and milling, as well as 3D printing, but her specialty is customer service and lab management.

Chris Nelson, CDT

Chris began his career in 1998 as an in-house technician in his father’s dental office. There he began fabricating dental prostheses of all types using waxing, casting and processing techniques. He has spent 26 years learning skills and knowledge from many leading laboratories and technicians.

Chris obtained his first certification from the NBC in 2011 in the specialty of Crown and Bridge. Chris excels at chairside treatment planning because of a great eye for potential challenges, and vast knowledge of materials aids him in preparing for those challenges. Strong CAD/CAM design capability and state of the art printing have Chris at the forefront of digital dentistry.

Luna Nelson

Luna joined Rebecca and Chris in 2022, and quickly became the inspiration for their next career move…building the family lab!

She is a mix of Beagle, Dachshund, and many other breeds. She likes to play a lot, so Luna Laboratories works quickly to meet dental practices needs regarding turnaround time.

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